Acquiring the Utmost in Automotive Care

Most people are thrilled at the aspect of getting a new car. It is very easy to get carried away in all that excitement. Regardless of how strongly you feel about a vehicle, take it for a test drive. Calculate the time it will take to properly check out the vehicle. A couple of minutes is just not enough time to really study the car. Not only do you want to thoroughly inspect the vehicle, you should take it to a mechanic before buying. It is just as important for you to communicate effectively with your mechanic for your car as it is for you to do so with your doctor for your body. Really what it comes down to is that you know your car better than anyone else. Since you drive it every day, you will know when something isn’t right. Don’t ignore those signs. If the car does not feel right to you, take it to be serviced. The following information will help you with decisions: Prevention Tips: Follow the recommended maintenance itinerary. Always keep a recordof all repairs and service. During servicing, check your car for: unusual sounds, odd smells, drips, smoke, and warning lights. Other signs to look for include: changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, and fluid levels. Finally, be aware of worn tires, belts, and hoses, difficulty in handling, braking, and/or steering, and odd vibrations. When you notice that there is an issue, write the information down to give to your mechanic. Determine when the problem started. Decide when the problem usually occurs. Is the problem constant or does it occur only now and again? Does the problem happen when the vehicle is cold? Or is it when the car is warmed up? You may also need to know whether the problem is apparent during accelerations. Even if you think you know what the issue is, you should still let a professional mechanic diagnose the problem to be sure. Don’t demand an on-the-spot diagnosis. Give the mechanic the time needed to properly assess the problem. To truly understand the issue, the technician needs time. It will be easier for the mechanic to locate, diagnose, and fix a problem if you openly share information. If you communicate well, you’ll be on the road in no time. Look at the outside image of the car. Is the body in alignment? Is the paint chipping? Do the doors open with ease? Are the tires balanced? Always look under the hood for a better idea.. If you don’t know exactly what to look for, that is ok. Keep an eye out for holes in hoses, excess oil, and damaged parts. Check the oil and transmission fluid. Take a whiff. If the scent reminds you of something burning, don’t buy the car. The fluid should be a clear, rosy color (for transmission fluid). Repairing transmissions is expensive. Check the radiator fluid as well. It should be a slightly green color. Check that the gauges and lights work properly. Start the car up and see how it runs. Obviously, you don’t want a car with alarm lights lit on the dash. Check that the seat belts fit. Wait til early sundown and check the headlight brightness. Make sure your children’s seats fit in the style of car you are considering. Accelerate up to higher speeds; go up to forty miles an hour. Does the car shift between gears smoothly? When you brake, if you feel a twitch, it could indicate an issue. The test drive is the best opportunity to check these features.

Regain the New Car Scent With Proper Automotive Upholstery Care

Time may have caused your car interior to stink like a combination of a thousand stench ranging from tobacco, socks, coffee, or wet dog. It is very difficult to regain the new car scent with the upholstery absorbing years of dust and other pollutants. Car upholstery is made from different materials like leather, cloth, or vinyl. Cleaning of the interiors and the upholstery may be difficult and expensive since professional cleaners charge very high fees to remove the minutest of stains. Cleaning the automotive upholstery takes patience and a little help from common household products. One may maintain and clean the upholstery from minor stains but big ones are better done by professionals who employ strong cleaning solutions without damaging the upholstery. Cleaning Common Car Upholstery Problems • Dust- Car upholstery can easily be cleaned from surface dust using a vacuum cleaner. Extension tools of the vacuum will help reach gaps and crevices to get rid of dust in between automotive upholstery. Cleaning solutions like leather or vinyl protector will help maintain them in great condition and make them more durable for long. • Spills – No matter how one avoids spills on the car upholstery, bad things happen when we hit a bump on the road. The key to cleaning it is by soaking as much of the liquid out of the upholstery as soon as possible by using rags or paper towels. Press the towel against the upholstery to get rid of as much liquid as possible. Damp cloth can be used on spills on leather seat covers. Leather upholstery is best treated for misfortunes like this by using protectants on a regular basis to maintain the supple feel of the leather. It is best to avoid build up of dust or dirt on leather seats. • Heavy Stains – Heavy stains are so unsightly. One quick remedy is to use baby wipes to absorb the fresh stain. If they don’t do the cleaning trick then try to brush a little soda water on the upholstery. • Bad Odor – Automotive upholstery can easily absorb any odor from the circulating stale air inside or from air coming from the outside. A cup of coffee or a bag of fries can have tremendous effect on the smell of the car’s upholstery. A quick solution to this problem is opening the windows and spraying deodorizer to the interiors. Shampooing the carpet may also get rid of cigarette smell and improve the quality of air inside the car. If the smell stays it is recommended to consult professional upholstery cleaners who have the proper tools and cleaning materials. • Leather Upholstery – Aside from applying protective liquid to the leather upholstery, regular cleaning and avoiding of extreme heat will lengthen the life span of the leather. Cleaning automotive upholstery is the best solution to have that new car scent once more but like the cliché goes prevention is still better than an ounce of cure. Cars are considered major investments. Aside from keeping the engine in top mechanical form, taking care of the interiors especially of the upholstery will make our driving experience more pleasurable and more comfortable.